AI Security Matters

Do you understand the AI Risk in your organisation?

Do you employ AI Governance and risk mitigation?

Do you know your responsibilities for AI in third party products and services you adopt?

Mileva Security Labs does!

Mileva does!

If you are not able to answer "YES" to any of the above questions...

Training and advising all enterprises on

safe, secure and responsible AI

Artificial Intelligence systems can be Risky, Misaligned, Unsafe, and Insecure.




Our All-In-One Training

Workshop 1

Kickstart your AI Security journey with our introductory primer. We'll demystify AI, explore risks, review policies, and discuss trends—perfect for all levels.

Workshop 2

Explore AI security principles, real-world case studies, and best practices. Gain a deeper understanding and the confidence to protect your AI initiatives.

Workshop 3

Learn to lead in AI security. Dive into case studies, stay current with AI regulations, and implement essential risk management policies and frameworks.

Worshop 4

Explore AI uses through case studies, learn about Data Maturity, change management, and scaling strategies. Apply insights directly and strategically implement AI in your industry.

Worshop 5

For technical managers: dive into secure AI deployment, model selection, and data strategy. Learn best practices to minimize bias and maximize safety.

Worshop 6

Discover AI applications in security through real-world cases. Learn about threat detection, anomaly analysis, and intelligence gathering to enhance your team's security efforts.

*We have offices in Australia and the USA, and deliver in-person and virtually around the globe.

We are serious about AI security.

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